Aesthetic Design by Linda Darlene
I empower small businesses and non-profits across the
United States and CanadaFENG SHUI AESTHETICS
Let me unfold  beauty and harmony in your home or office using
Feng Shui Designing  in Phoenix, AZ
 or virtually by Zoom

Need More Beauty in Your World?

What is Good Web Design?

“Functionality and aestheticism need not be mutually exclusive. In aesthetic web design, the winning combination is to provide a website that is both well-organized and highly functional, as well as tasteful, harmonious, balanced — in short, beautiful!  Beauty is the natural order of the universe…manifesting itself in organization, balance, flow, symmetry, cleanliness, attractiveness, orderliness, spirituality, and perfection of form, color, and fragrance. “

What is Feng Shui?

“At the heart of Feng Shui is the core scientific truth that everything is energy. All matter is energy, and energy flows and changes all the time. You are always surrounded by energy. Energy has many names, such as “life force” or in China “chi;” Hindus call it “prana;” Hebrews call it “ruah,” Christians call it “Holy Spirit.” The question becomes: is the energy positive and uplifting or is it draining? A Feng Shui consultant can answer that question for you.”