About Me

Hi there! I’m Linda Darlene.

I’m a freelance aesthetic web designer, aesthetic Feng Shui consultant, and specialist in Aesthetic Spaces™ who currently resides with my husband in our empty nest in the West Valley of Phoenix, Arizona. I also call Chicago, Palma de Mallorca (Spain), Giosa Marea (Italy), Denver, Malibu, Minneapolis, Seattle, and Bozeman, Montana ‘my homes.’

I am passionate about decorating, ballroom and Latin dancing, dancer/choreographer Derek Hough, reading historical fiction or biographies (especially about our founding fathers),  listening to classical music, sharing with friends at local ethnic restaurants, and practicing my Italian.

As a young girl of twelve, I would sit and design houses on paper for hours— and then using House and Garden magazines for inspiration, I’d decorate those houses in my mind and develop floor plans to match their front elevations. In the ’90s, a friend told me about Feng Shui. I was fascinated, so I decided I needed to study this art and science for myself. That was the beginning of an enjoyable journey for me.

In 2002, I found my teacher, Carole Hyder from the Wind and Water School of Feng Shui located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was very fortunate to be one of only six students to undergo a 6-month training in the Seattle area, with Carole flying in to train us while visiting friends in the area.  How lucky was that? (Her normal trainings only occur in Minneapolis.)

I became certified in 2002, and I received my double master certification in 2004.  In my training, I learned traditional and classic Feng Shui, such as the Form and Compass school methods for analyzing and improving on homes and offices, as well as modern western Feng Shui.

For personal gratification, I began working on a celebrity fan website in 2009. And after a lot of ‘baptisms by fire,’ I decided I better get some formal training.  I enrolled in classes through the Lake Washington Institute of Technology in the Seattle area, took many online courses, and learned from some of my friends in the design field. I branched out to designing websites in 2011.

In 2014, I created my business umbrella, Aesthetics Designer Consulting, joining my two loves together, web design and Feng Shui. My businesses are called The Aesthetic Web Designer and Feng Shui Aesthetics (Feng Shui design). You will notice that I have the word ‘aesthetics’ prominently placed in those titles.

In Greek, the word aesthetics (aisthētikos) means sense perception, or how we perceive “beauty.”  I’m not sure when the love of beauty became very important to me. It just seems that it always was; one of my greatest enjoyments in life is to create beauty.  My name is Linda, meaning ‘lovely’ in Spanish, and I truly do feel that my mission in life is to bring beauty and loveliness into the world. Through my two vocations, I do this.

I enjoy what I do…and would love to have your business. Contact me! We can discuss how my strengths and talents can best complement your needs for an appealing and affordable website or how I can help you with the re-arrangement or re-design of your interior spaces for greater comfortability and beauty.

You can find me on the web:
and https://fengshuiaesthetics.com
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