Aesthetic Spaces™

Aesthetic Spaces™ (Feng Shui design) is the art of space re-design to create ambiances that are not only aesthetically pleasing but psychologically nurturing and energetically calming. Spaces so designed generate a feeling or mood of well being. The highlight of this re-design formula is the use of your own furnishings and accessories that you already own and treasure.

Aesthetics has to do with beauty, artistic taste, and the law of appeal and attraction. When we think of the “aesthetics” of a space, we think of enhancing it ornamentally, artistically, and making it pleasing, decorative, and tasteful. 

The following are the “aesthetics” that I consider to achieve balance and to unfold the beauty in a space.

    the use of color for mood enhancement
    the re-arrangement of furniture or furnishings for better flow energetically
    re-decorating suggestions
    the organization of a room or a space for increased comfortability and psychological nurturance.
    the de-cluttering of an environment
    accessory enhancement for aesthetic appeal
    the un-blockage of locked up energy
    the clearing of predecessor energy

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